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Where Data Center, Subsea Fiber and Terrestrial Networks Converge

Southern Virginia has long been attracting investment from network and data center providers. Specifically, Henrico County has been at the forefront of this trend due to a combination of business friendly policies, attractive land for development, scalable power and a highly educated workforce in the county and surrounding areas. As a result, the area has a rich tapestry of existing fiber networks, internet exchanges, SDN networks and data centers serving thousands of customers. The recent arrival of the MAREA and BRUSA subsea cables, which terminate in Henrico County, is a transformative event that has opened the European, Latin and South American markets to the region via the lowest latency and highest capacity ever deployed between the continents. The only place all of these networks are available to peer with each other is the QTS Richmond NAP. This historic confluence of domestic and international connectivity has established the region as an international business destination, setting the stage for the next wave of investment and economic growth.

Discussions at the Summit included:

  • Emerging interconnection hub on the Eastern Seaboard of US with direct low-latency connectivity from subsea cables via EUROPE, LATAM, SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA, ASIA
  • Industry expert insights from terrestrial network providers, Internet Content Providers, Internet Exchange Providers, Subsea Operators and corporate enterprises about how a new major interconnection is being formed in Virginia QTS Richmond NAP
  • Growing importance of public/private partnerships and why Henrico County has been so successful with the Data Center and Connectivity industry
  • Subsea cables in Virginia Beach are accelerating data growth outside of NoVA. From 2008 - 2016 Henrico County accounted for 6% of VEDP's statewide investment in Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services. Since the cable landings deployment (2017 to 2018) Henrico County has accounted for 53% of announced statewide investments.

QTS Richmond NAP and InterGlobix partner for the Inaugural NAP Summit

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