Subsea Panel Recording

Subsea cables contribute $10 Trillion in daily transactions across the oceans of our planet. Hear from experts who have made significant investments in subsea cables landing in the Commonwealth of Virginia and other parts of the globe. Learn how subsea cables are driving new business models such as Subsea Colocation and leading to additional Internet and economic developments across the terrestrial fiber and datacenter sectors. Virginia is now leading the growth of new subsea cables across the eastern seaboard of the United States. The panel will be moderated by an industry leader and visionary who has worked extensively in the datacenter and connectivity industry for the last 24 years.

Panel Moderator


Vinay Nagpal


Vinay is currently President of InterGlobix, a global solutions company focused on the convergence of data centers, terrestrial and subsea fiber. He is a data center and connectivity leader and visionary with over 24 years of experience developing products and technology solutions, business growth strategies in data centers.


Najam-Ahmad_150x200jpg copy

Najam Ahmad


Najam Ahmad serves as the VP, Network Engineering at Facebook.  Ahmad oversees all aspects of the development and operation of a global network infrastructure that serves more than a billion people around the world.


Frank Rey


Frank is a seasoned industry leader with over 15 years of experience. Frank worked on Marea cable system which has added a much-needed diverse submarine system to the East Coast of the US., triggering new economic ecosystems right in the heart of Virginia.


Rafael Arranz


Mr. Rafael Arranz has been Chief Operating Officer of Cable at Telxius Telecom S.A. since February 15, 2016. Mr. Arranz has held offices as Sales and Capacity & IP Executive Vice-president at Telefónica International Wholesale Services. Mr. Arranz has more than 24 years of experience. He holds a telecommunications engineering degree from Madrid’s Polytechnic University and an international master degree from Instituto Carlos V.